Choosing YOUR Best Promotional Video

  1. Increased relatability

    A good business video helps your customers relate to you and your business.  People like people, so there is no better way for customers to relate to your business than a well-produced corporate video. If a potential customer can relate to you then it fills them with more confidence and as a result increases the likelihood of them buying your product. For example, reported an increase in sales of 144% on products with video.

  2. If a picture says a thousand words, imagine the prose a video is capable of weaving. There is no better way to express yourself than shooting a corporate video. Rather than pages after pages of written content explaining what your business is all about, the values you hold dear, the work culture you foster, and anything else you might want to say to attract customers and/or employees, shoot a video and let them see it for themselves what you are all about. Videos are somehow more believable and relatable not to mention more instantaneous as compared to written content. 
  3. Showcases your company 

Having a corporate video is a quick, creative and informational way to showcase your business, products and services. A corporate video does not have to be any longer than 5 minutes and in this time you will be able to tell your story in a creative and attractive way. It is a good idea to have a corporate video on your company website, therefore visitors will be able to quickly understand what your business is about without having to scroll through your website for more details.

It is a great way to pack together your most important information along with any relevant images or music which will help attract any visitor on your website.

4.  Reach more potential customers & clients

Your corporate video says a lot about your business so use it wherever and whenever you can. A corporate video is easy to upload on your websites and even to use to promote your business on Social Media. By uploading your corporate video on several sites, you will be able to reach more potential clients and customers who have watched your video and get them interested in your services or product. Try using popular social sites that focus on video like Youtube and Vimeo.

Updating your business video is also important – so keep with the times! If your corporate video is 10 years old, then perhaps it’s time to update and spice it up.

5. Stand out from the crowd 

A video helps your and your business stand out from the crowd. Often, businesses get too bogged down on getting the right information on the website and include too much text and information that viewers find distracting and unappealing. With a corporate video you have the chance put your unique stamp on it and really impress and wow your viewers. If people like your video they will trust your services and share your video with their social circle – helping increase your potential customers and sales.

So why waste your time creating a Corporate Video? It’s easy, quick, accessible, drives traffic to your website and business and finally it brings you in more money! So don’t delay that all important corporate video to showcase your talents.


One of the biggest benefits of hosting your corporate videos online is the tremendous potential for ranking high in search engines – specifically Google. Let’s face it, these days having a strong Google search ranking is a cornerstone of just about any business, so making sure that you tap into the potential of SEO/SEM through your video content is paramount. Since its acquisition of YouTube, Google’s algorithms favor video content as they are well aware that many users now get their information from videos – not just text based websites. Climbing the search rank ladder with your corporate video is no different than running a text based ad campaign. It all comes down to using the right key words in the title of your video, and making sure your keyword choices are in harmony with the rest of your website. You would be shocked at how many hits your site will get as a result of clicks that come directing from you YouTube content.

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