Do I Need A Mobile App?


Everyone thinks they need a mobile app for their business. But actually there are certain conditions that warrant having a mobile app for your business.

The first objective is to ensure your website is responsive. A responsive website adjusts the layout for various platforms (i.e. iPad, mobile device, desktop) and web browsers. The home page should have one action that demonstrates the value of the product, a button to push, a video to watch, or a compelling demonstration.

So, what would an app do for your business? Do you sell products? Is your business a restaurant or cafe? Is your company a delivery service? Is your business a travel agency? Does your business sell event tickets? Do your competitors have mobile apps? Will your app solve a customers problem?

These are just a few examples but,I hope you are getting my point. Your business app is not a substitute for a web page. Your mobile app will allow your customers and potential customers to interact with your business to buy or use your services online. A mobile app eliminates the need to see you in person for a business transaction to occur. Otherwise, a website will suffice.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above. Consider this, U.S. consumers spend five hours a day on mobile apps with 92% using mobile apps. However, 23% download the app and never use it again. 80% download it and never launch it.

So what am I saying? Building an app considerations:

1. Survey your competitors
2. Find similar business models.
3. Why do your users need the mobile app?
4. What incentives will you give your customers for downloading your mobile app?
5. What’s your marketing campaign?
6. Make sure your plan includes expenses for maintenance and regular updates of the app.

Simply building an app is not enough. Focus on delivering tangible benefits to your customers, and the hard work you put into building your app will pay off, time and time again.

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